Usage method of antiskid paint

usage method:

The product can be directly sprayed on the appropriate part of the hanger or trousers rack. 5 minutes surface dry, 24 hours complete curing.

matters needing attention:

1. Due to the fast drying and fixation speed of the antiskid paint, the paint film formed cannot be dissolved by solvent. When pouring the glue liquid into the spray gun pot, add oil or edible oil as soon as possible to float a layer of oil film with a thickness of 1-2mm on the glue liquid surface so as to isolate the air and prevent the glue liquid surface from curing and skinning. Before using the spray gun, it is better to wrap the end of the suction pipe with a filter net. If there is any discontinuity or discontinuity in the spraying process It is necessary to immerse the nozzle of the spray gun in the oil liquid, otherwise the spray gun may be blocked due to skinning.

2. The remaining glue after use shall be tightly capped so that the oil like oil or edible oil can be properly added to protect the air on the glue surface after the glue liquid contacts the air and deteriorates.

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