Use of melamine tableware

Tableware is suitable for catering (fast food) chains, food squares, University (University) canteens, hotels, enterprise canteens, advertising gifts, etc. Because of the particularity of molecular structure of melamine plastics, melamine tableware is not suitable for use in microwave oven, and it will crack if used.

Cleaning of tableware

Melamine tableware can’t be washed with steel wire ball, which will wash off the glossiness of the tableware surface and leave many scratches, so it’s not recommended to wash with steel wire ball, because melamine tableware has ceramic texture, and the surface is relatively smooth and easy to clean. If it’s especially difficult to wash dirt, it’s recommended to soak it in detergent water, and then wash it with dishcloth, or directly wash the dishes. Machine cleaning.

If the melamine tableware is used for a long time, the stubborn stains such as pigment, oil stain and coffee stain on the melamine bowl will make the melamine tableware turn yellow and black. At this time, it is not feasible to use the general cleaning method. It is necessary to use the special stain removing powder of triple daily melamine tableware. Put 180-400g of the special stain removing powder of melamine tableware into 80 ℃ hot water every 20 liters to mix it into a solution and dissolve it. Put the dishes into the solution, soak for 30-60 minutes to make the tableware new. Wash the tableware taken out after the new tableware is removed with water or wash it in the dishwasher.

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