Type: high quality low temperature fermented beer (bielson beer)

Color: light gold

Taste: when tasting, the first thing to notice is a fresh hops taste, as well as the sweet and sour fruit flavor. The raw materials are the best Sazi hops and lager yeast, making penguins have a unique taste and fragrance.

Aroma: refreshing fragrance with light malt aroma

Alcohol: 5.2%

Applicable wine cup: draft beer cup 250ml, 330ml, 500ml

Specification: 330ml/ bottled 30L/ bottled draft beer

Customized bottle back label

Founded in 1951 by the famous duvel brewery, vedett extra blond is a kind of golden Pilsen beer with refreshing taste and endless aftertaste. It is a high-quality yellow beer flavored with hemp seeds. It has a clear and mellow taste and 5.2% alcohol content. It has become a popular beer. Since its launch, Penguin beer has gained popularity and recognition among the insiders in Antwerp Brussels. We should never think that adhering to the tradition of the times and the long beer qualifications is the capital that Penguin beer will not be eliminated. On the contrary, Penguin beer has become a popular beer brand in Belgium, which relies on the brand personality and creativity that Penguin beer is non-traditional, not too serious, and the combination of retro and modern. Wine bottle back label can be customized for customers. The picture can be changed freely to suit various occasions. It can be customized for all kinds of activities, whether for special customers or even birthday parties. It can give everyone who loves vedett beer the chance to become a star.

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