Brewing technology

Duvel brewery is famous for its beer fermentation technology in the world beer industry. In order to improve the taste of vedett beer, the second fermentation will be carried out for several weeks after the beer is bottled or bottled.

The bottled white bear beer is unfiltered and retains all the natural nutrients in it. It can’t be described as “thick” or “pale”. It is surrounded by rain and mist in the bottle: wheat, yeast, spices and other natural ingredients float in the bottle. If you taste them carefully, you can “taste” them completely, with unique taste and color. Fresh and pleasant taste, combined with the aroma of orange and lemon, accompanied by a rich level of taste, people have endless aftertaste.

Method of pouring wine

1. Rinse the glass

2. Tilt the glass to 45 ° and pour about two-thirds of the beer

3. Gently rotate the bottle body to mix the remaining beer with the natural yeast at the bottom

4. pour the remaining beer into the glass at a time, so that the foam will overflow from the glass.

5. skim the top bubble.

Barreled: need to pay attention to reverse storage

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