World famous brand beer

1. ALESMITH SPEEDWAY STOUT US seductive dark liquid mixed with bitter and malt taste, after drinking, the alcohol taste makes your tongue feel dry. The wine is dark black with brown black foam and a strong aroma of coffee, accompanied by chocolate, malt and pleasant baking.

2.THREE FLOYDSDREADNA UGHT IMPERIAL USA is a soft brew with strong, dry and high alcohol content. The beer is golden in colour and tastes very rich and mellow. It has the characteristics of quality hops, and the taste is lemon flavored, and the cream like foam gives you endless aftertaste.

3.WESTVLETEREN EXTRA Belgium is a brown liquid with a strong fruit fermentation aroma. It tastes like sweet fruit and spices. It tastes mellow. When you drink it, you should slowly appreciate its light fragrance. It also has aromas of wood, leather and dough, as well as jujube kernels, raisins and toffee. It has a rich and balanced taste, with brilliant balance, and is a top international beer that needs to be tasted slowly.

4.DOGFISH HEAD WORLD WIDE STOUT, the color of the United States beer is dark black mahogany color, with a small amount of brown foam, at the same time, is permeated with rich dark fruit, dry banana, malt, flower fragrance, rum and alcohol fragrance. It is a delicious combination of sweet malt, dark fruit, banana and rum. It is full-bodied and tastes pure.

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