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Shelf life of beer

Bottled and tinned cooked beer has a shelf life of not less than 120 days (excellent, first grade) and 60 days (second grade). The shelf life of bottled fresh beer is not less than 7 days. The shelf life of canned and barreled fresh beer is not less than 3 days. Hops Hop is an indispensable component of beer. Hop plays an irreplaceable role in the brewing process of beer. Hop makes beer have refreshing aroma, bitter taste and preservative power. [...]

World famous brand beer

1. ALESMITH SPEEDWAY STOUT US seductive dark liquid mixed with bitter and malt taste, after drinking, the alcohol taste makes your tongue feel dry. The wine is dark black with brown black foam and a strong aroma of coffee, accompanied by chocolate, malt and pleasant baking. 2.THREE FLOYDSDREADNA UGHT IMPERIAL USA is a soft brew with strong, dry and high alcohol content. The beer is golden in colour and tastes very rich and mellow. It has the characteristics of quality hops, [...]

The characteristics of EVA and PEVA

1. Biodegradable: When discarded or burned, it will not cause harm to the environment. 2. The price is similar to that of PVC: EVA is more expensive than toxic PVC, but less expensive than PVC without phthalate. 3. Light weight: the density of EVA ranges from 0.91 to 0.93, while that of PVC is 1.32. 4. No odor: EVA does not contain Organic odors like ammonia or other organic odors. 5. Free of heavy metals: in accordance with the relevant international toy regulations [...]

Process Classification of Beer

Pure draft beer adopts special brewing technology, strictly controlling microbial indicators, using three-stage filtration including 0.45 micron microporous filtration, without thermal sterilization, so that beer can maintain high biological, abiotic and flavor stability. This beer is very fresh and delicious, with a shelf life of more than half a year.Dry beer has high fermentation, low residual sugar and high carbon dioxide content. Therefore, it has the characteristics of dry taste and strong killing force. Because of its low sugar [...]

Wine label terminology

Anejo: Aged in oak barrels or bottles for 12 months. Blanco: White wine. Bodega: Literally, it means “wine cellar”, usually part of the name of a wine company. Cava: Spanish sparkling wine brewed by traditional methods belongs to DO grade. Clarete: A color between light red and deep pink. Cosecha: Years mean that 85% of the wine grapes come from the year marked on the wine label. Cosechero: A fresh, fruity new wine, similar to “vino joven”. Criado Y Embotellado Por: Brewing and Bottling. Crianza: Red wines [...]

The Origin of Martini

The name of Martini is said to have started with the Italian Vermouth winemaker Maldini E. Rossi, who specially claims to use its own wine as a Maldini cocktail. Vanilla has been added to wine for centuries. More than 150 years ago, a Martini family opened a small winemaker near Turin, Italy, and refined the blending technology to create a new wine called “Weimo”. Martini products quickly became popular in Italy, and also won worldwide praise. It is known as [...]


Ice wine is a unique and rare Canadian specialty. It is world-famous. It is the best wine in the world. Because the real ice wine not only needs high-quality grape varieties and very strict brewing technology, but also depends on weather factors and timing, and its juice yield is very low. (Usually about 8 kilograms of grapes can produce a bottle of 375 ml ice wine, but usually only one kilogram of grapes can produce a bottle of 750 [...]

Drinking and Identification of Ice Wine

Drinking Ice wine is best served with dessert. Fragrant ice wine is most suitable for individual tasting. A cup of ice wine can be served directly as a drink at tea time or after dinner. Ice wine is usually quite strong, it is best not to drink too much at a time, and the weight of each glass should not be too much. The ideal drinking temperature of ice wine is 14 degrees Celsius. Some people think that the temperature [...]


Big Lafite Rothschild alias, genuine Rafi, Rafid, what we call genuine Rafi refers to the top products of Rafi Vineyard, is also on behalf of Rafi Vineyard wine, can also be called First Military Wine, Zhengjun Wine. The wine label is as follows. Let’s see the wine name Chateau Lafite Rothschild. The arrow mark on the shoulder of the Lafite bottle was added after 1996. There was no arrow mark on the shoulder of the previous bottle. Carruades de Lafite [...]

The history of Lafite

Lafite, as one of the five famous chateaux in Bordeaux, France, has a long history. In 1354, it was founded in Boyile Village. Lafite is known as the “queen” of the wine kingdom because of its outstanding floral and fruity aroma, mellow and elegant. Despite centuries of changes, Lafite Vineyard has been adhering to the pious spirit of alcoholism and strict technical standards, and has maintained the quality and reputation of Lafite as the world’s top wine. In 1354, Lafite [...]