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The development of shirts

Shirt is usually worn on the surface, with a variety of ways to wear before, often only as a supporting role. The role of the shirt, from the intimate underwear to the middle coat, dates back to the late 1600s when the men’s clothing appeared in the top and vest. It produced the way that the shirt was worn under the vest and in the middle of the coat, which is very common in the modern suit style. It [...]

How to choose shirt collar(1)?

Button neck – Athletic The collar point is fixed on the body with buttons. It was originally a sports shirt. It is the only collar type of all shirts that does not require sizing. This type of collar is mostly used on casual shirt, such as jeans shirt, which is mainly made of checkered pattern or polka dot pattern. The fabric is made of pure cotton fabric with general structure or Oxford textile, but some business shirts also use button [...]

How to choose shirt collar?

Heterochromatic collar — taste type Plain or striped shirt with white collar. Some cuffs are also made of white. The collar type is mostly standard collar or open angle collar, and the collar tip shape is quite many, usually round, which matches the pezley swirl pattern perfectly. The men who choose different color collar must pay attention to coordination in collocation, otherwise they will be classified as “tasteless”.Open angle collar – romantic A collar with an angle between 120 and 180 [...]

How to buy Shirts?

Skin color selection People with darker skin color will look black and yellow when wearing green and gray shirts, which will cause some dirty feeling; people with fair skin will wear bright shirts to set off their skin very white, but this will often make men appear too feminine and lack of masculinity. Fat people wearing small square shirt will appear a little cramped, cramped, should choose to have a sharp big collar shirt is more appropriate. For tall and [...]

Shirt derivatives

Among the derivative varieties of shirts, Hawaiian shirts and polo shirts are common. Hawaiian sweater, designed by A. akona, a Polynesian from Hawaii, is usually made of printed and dyed cloth with rich colors and bold brush strokes, which is loose and comfortable and suitable for wearing in tropical areas. Introduced in 1940 by the United States and widely popular. Lapel shirt generally refers to the shirt that can be closed or turned over. The long sleeve shirt is [...]

The discrimination of shirt material

Shirt texture Shirt can be divided into combed cotton shirt, silk shirt, crepe de Chine shirt and polyester cotton shirt according to the base material. When selecting, it is ideal to have light, thin, soft, cool, stiff and good air permeability. Because shirt collar lining is often used as hot-melt adhesive material, it is forbidden to soak it in warm water above 60 ℃ when washing. The material of shirts used to be white poplin, but now they are made [...]

Shirt collar type and Body sleeve

Shirt collar type The collar of western style shirt is exquisite and changeable. The collar style is divided by the “eight character” type before the lapel, including small square collar, Chinese collar, short pointed collar, medium pointed collar, long pointed collar and eight character collar. Its quality mainly depends on the material and processing technology of the collar lining, and it is better not to wrinkle or roll the angle. The materials used for collar lining include various specifications of [...]

Shirt matching

The casual shirt is used to match the suit coat. There is no fixed rules for the use of fabrics. The style is unchanged or slightly changed on the basis of tradition, and the color and pattern are extremely free. Whether to wear a tie with a suit or not depends on your preference and matching effect. In addition, as a special rule, the dark and glossy casual shirt fabric is popular with performers, and is often used by [...]

The origin of shirt

Suits and shirts originated in Europe. The buttons used in shirts are also inspired by the through Cufflinks of French shirts. So the style of formal shirts is basically based on French shirts, with beautiful French folding sleeves. Just according to the different matching dress or formal dress, the collar and front may be different from the traditional French style. The fabric is mainly made of pure cotton, silk and other natural materials. It pays attention to the fit [...]

Classification of shirts(2)

Italian shirt Italian shirt is a kind of shirt with noble and romantic temperament in the traditional European style. It is mainly used to match formal dress, one of the typical gentleman formal dress shirts. Although italian shirt’s unique Milan sleeve is not as commonly used as French Kefu sleeve, it is also recognized as a formal shirt together with French shirt due to its long history in the formal history. Like French shirt, it has become the most commonly [...]