Most of South America has a tropical rainforest climate. Tropical plants grow luxuriantly. The fruits are rich in water, vitamins, minerals, etc. the juice and wine made from them are well-known naturally. Just like Maotai, a famous national liquor in China, Brazil also has a kind of liquor that can be called national liquor, that is casasa made of sugarcane, which has a brewing history of more than 500 years in Brazil.

Cachaca is a natural and pollution-free green drink, which is made of special sugarcane in Brazil as the basic raw material, and brewed by pressing, distillation, oak barrel aging and other complex technologies and cutting-edge technologies. It has a strong and mellow taste, long and pure fragrance, full color and rich hanging cup.

There are more than 30000 sugarcane wine brands in Brazil, which are popular in more than 40 countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan and South America. They are also known as “Brazil’s three treasures” together with football and Samba.

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