Brazilian people widely drink Cachaca, and gradually produce a Cachaca culture, and become more colorful with the changes of the times. Cachaca is a kind of beverage commonly used in rural areas of Brazil for festivals and entertaining guests.

In the hotel and tavern, Cachaca is mixed with soda and juice, and it becomes an appetizer cocktail with Brazilian characteristics.

It’s said that it’s a courtship for a man to invite a woman to drink sugarcane wine. This rumor is wrong.

Cachaca in bottles, cans and barrels are packed in different packages. Some wine bottles are also wrapped with bamboo, rattan and reed leaves to show their unique value. The staff of the winery mixed the juice, sugar, ice and lemon with Cachaca to make cocktails with different flavors.

The o’barrois cocktail is made of a flat spoon of instant madea, two flat spoons of white sugar, half of lemon juice, a flat spoon of egg white, a cup of Cachaca, and ice cubes placed in an aluminum blender to quickly shake and blend. This kind of wine has the characteristics of sweet and sour taste and pleasant fragrance. When drinking, the wine cup is decorated with a mint leaf, which is even more fragrant.

Touyo cocktail is a quick shake with lemon juice, sugar, egg white, casserole and ice. Then pour lemon soda on it to make it bubble up.

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