Characteristic of wineglass

1.Bordeaux wine cup

Bordeaux red wine cup, as its name implies, is suitable for most French Bordeaux red wines. Because Bordeaux red wine is sour and astringent, it requires tulip cup shape with long body and not very vertical wall. Curve of cup wall can effectively adjust the direction of liquor diffusion in mouth, and wider mouth can better adapt to Bordeaux red wine. Gradual wine aroma.

2. Burgundy Cup

Burgundy red wine with heavy fruit flavor needs frequent flow in the mouth to taste, and the spherical belly can meet the diffusion effect of the wine from the tip of the tongue to the tip of the tongue, to achieve full blending of fruit and sour taste; in addition, the narrow cup mouth can better condense Burgundy’s profound aroma; and the larger cup mouth is more important. Suitable for sniffing in the nose.

3. Champagne Cup

Champagne cups are suitable for all sparkling wines. The main feature is that the thin body of the glass can allow enough room for bubbles to rise. It is noteworthy that the bottom of the standard Champagne Cup will have a sharp point, which can make the bubbles rich and beautiful. Of course, champagne cups can also be used to taste ice wine, but smaller cup mouth will converge the emission of aroma.

4. Sweet Wine Cup

Short cups are perfect for sweeter after-dinner wines, including naturally fermented sweet white wines and fortified Port and Sherry wines. The inverted cup mouth gathers the liquor flavor well at the tip of the tongue, and the sweet fruit flavor is brought into full play.

5. the Xiang Si cup

The “best state” of white wine is at low temperatures, so in order to prevent temperature rise, the choice of glass mostly uses small size. For example, the wine of the Sauvignon Blanc wine is light or moderate, usually dry, while the thin and narrow cup of the Sauvignon glass can reduce the contact between wine and air and make the aroma more durable.

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