The development of shirts(1)

“No perfume on shirts, many fine cotton shirts. Washing clothes in rural houses with pure water and air “becomes the aesthetic declaration of gentlemen. This is a revolution for shirts immersed in perfume and body odor. Whether they own all kinds of shirts, whether they are willing to spend money on them, and whether they keep their shirts clean have become the main basis for judging their social status.

The shirt (94cm in length and 71cm in width) was made in 1850. Its half width was about 2cm, and its back center was buttoned. For the front left and right small tucks, the central (decorative button) 3, double cuffs. A stiff paste on the placket. The buttons are just as suitable as the spikes, and they are decorated with jewels.

In the late 1800s, the collar was almost as tall as the ear, and the color was white. The replacement collars have also been sold, most of which are 10cm high collars and 12cm high collared shirts. In the summer when I was studying in London, rinseki said that replacing the collar – high collar, a fashionable man in a suit, is the era. In Japan, as in Europe, “high collar” is about 1cm from the cuff of the top.

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