The history of Lafite

Lafite, as one of the five famous chateaux in Bordeaux, France, has a long history. In 1354, it was founded in Boyile Village. Lafite is known as the “queen” of the wine kingdom because of its outstanding floral and fruity aroma, mellow and elegant. Despite centuries of changes, Lafite Vineyard has been adhering to the pious spirit of alcoholism and strict technical standards, and has maintained the quality and reputation of Lafite as the world’s top wine. In 1354, Lafite [...]

Ten World Famous Brands of Beer

1.Westvleteren is one of the smallest breweries in Belgium that produce Trappist. They export only a very limited fraction of their products. This brown beer has a fine white foam with a smooth palate, Caramel flavour, and a slight taste of pears, grapes and plum. Westvleteren is the highest example of Belgian beer. It has a strong taste and high alcohol content.2 ALESMITH BARREL AGED SPEEDWAY STOUT is so perfect in every aspect of this beer in the United [...]

The difference between champagne and wine

It is estimated that many people have drunk these two kinds of liquors, but what is the relationship between these two kinds of liquors? What’s the difference? Most people are not very clear. Today we will compare the two kinds of wine.Wine is divided into red wine and white wine. Champagne is in the white wine category. White wines are subdivided into static (non-bubbling) and dynamic (bubbling) wines. Champagne wines are dynamic. Champagne has a very special position in [...]

Champagne Matching

Spaghetti + Champagne The combination of buttered spaghetti and champagne not only eliminates the greasy taste, but also collides with new taste sparks. In addition, pasta with shrimps and clams complements the flavor of champagne. But be careful to avoid tomato sauce-based foods, the taste of tomatoes and the sour taste of champagne are not harmonious. Western Point + Champagne Not very sweet snacks, such as berries, crisps made of flour, butter and sugar, cakes made of heavy oil and sugar, and [...]

The Taboo of White Wine

White Wine Wine is a natural, complex and easily appreciated drink. The adaptation principle of wine and dishes is that the style of wine and dishes should not overwhelm or conceal the other, and that wine and food should not fight noisily.Avoid associating with seafood Red wine with red meat conforms to the rules of cooking itself. Tannin in wine combines with protein in red meat, so that digestion begins almost immediately. Although fresh salmon, swordfish or tuna are rich in [...]

The difference between red and white wines

1. According to the different colors of grapes, grape varieties can be divided into white varieties (white skin and white meat), red varieties (red skin and white meat) and dyed varieties (red skin and red meat). White wine can be brewed from white varieties, red wine can only be brewed from dyed varieties, and various wines with different colors from white to dark red can be brewed from red varieties. 2. White wine is fermented with white grape juice, red [...]

Bar runner

Bar mat is usually made of plastic as raw material, a kind of cup mat, also known as bar mat, bar mat. It has certain flexibility, excellent insulation, compressibility and natural stickiness on the surface. It is specially designed for protecting and utilizing the gap to transfer heat for some cups and appliances in home or entertainment places. It can fill the gap, complete the heat transfer between heating and heat dissipation parts, and also play the role of insulation, [...]

Characteristic of cooler bag

Keeping warm and keeping cold Thermal insulation is the most basic function of thermal insulation package. It is a special bag with short-term thermal insulation effect. It can keep cold/heat. The product thermal insulation layer is Pearl cotton+aluminum foil tinfoil, which can provide good thermal insulation effect. durable To have superior impact resistance, heavy pressure or impact is not easy to crack, will not leave scratches. Seal up This is the first consideration in choosing thermal insulation package. Although different brands of products have [...]

Storage of Wine

Wine rack storage For ordinary families, it is necessary to buy a domestic wooden wine rack. First, the wine rack is best placed directly on the ground, because the air flow is smoother and the temperature is relatively low. Second, avoid sunshine and strong light, because ultraviolet radiation will oxidize and deteriorate red wine, while too strong light will heat and deteriorate red wine. Third, the design of the wine rack must be stable, avoid close to dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioning compressors, [...]

How to Savor Wine?(2)

Step 3: Wine watching. The red color of red wine is enough to stir people’s hearts. When pouring red red red wine, the basic requirement is that the glass should be placed horizontally and the wine should not spill over. In the case of sufficient light, the glass of red wine is placed on the white paper. Looking at the edge of red wine, the people with distinct layers are mostly new wine, and the people with even color [...]