This wine is called “the heart of cocktail”. It can effectively prevent cold, malaria, plague, improve headache, chills, weakness symptoms, and has a certain kidney function. The raisins made of golden wine have a good effect on arthritis.

The wine is colorless and transparent. Juniper has a strong taste and a strange fragrance. The taste is mellow, refreshing, full of vitality and strong. It can be matched with various delicacies.

Winery / Producer: Beefeater

Grape variety: water juniper, wheat, grapefruit peel, orange and fried tea

Year: NV

Awards: in 2009, Beefeater 24 won the “best of its kind Gold Award” in the international wine and spirits competition, and in 2010, Beefeater 24 won the double gold award in the San Francisco Spirits Competition.

Best time to enjoy: long term. Ready to drink or cocktail.

Match food: can match with all kinds of food.

Recommended storage conditions: store in a dark place and avoid direct sunlight.

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