The classification of T-shirt pattern

T-shirt pattern design combines graphic design and clothing design. A good design of T-shirt pattern can enrich the decorative variety of products and enhance the value of T-shirt, and can play a better advertising effect, so it is more commercial and practical than traditional painting. Nowadays, there are many types of T-shirt pattern design, generally more common are: 1, trademark category; 2, text category; 3, comprehensive category.

Trademark category

There are many international brands of T-shirts, and their printed patterns are their own trademarks, which not only advertise the T-shirt, but also play a decorative role (Figure 2). Trademarks are purely plastic arts, marking the source of products and the company’s honor. It is simple, small and unified in shape, and can play the visual language effect of identifying rich cultural connotations most easily in an instant. Therefore, trademark is the advertising endorser of companies and products.

Good trademark design should conform to several principles:

1. Concise and easy to recognize. Whether it is a pattern or a written style, it should meet the requirements of easy to remember, easy to read and clear at a glance.

2. Content is suitable for the nature of company or product. Whether it is the implicature of the pattern or the color symbol, it must be coordinated.

3. Create a unique style. Whether it is a pattern or a text, it should have a unique style.

4. Permanence. Whether it is ten or fifty years, the shape and color of the trademark should still have no feeling of backwardness and can stand the test of time.

5. Appropriate standard color.

Text Category

Character is the main tool for the progress of human civilization and one of the crystallization of human culture. It is the symbol of recording and expressing the emotional communication between people. Character class is a visual language with rich communication. Because of its long history, through historical experience and years of reflection, the character itself has the beauty of image art. It is the main transmitter of cultural exchange. Whether it is T-shirt design or other kinds of design, it bears the important mission of communication function. Font modelling is the key to the design of T-shirt text pattern. The font is the spirit of the text, and it strengthens the visual charm of the text through aesthetic elements. Whether Chinese, English or Arabic numerals are integrated with the times through the designer’s concepts, concepts and intentions, and the cultural connotations expressed are processed through artistic processing with realism, painting and emotion to achieve the following purposes: 1. conveying practical functions; 2. visual beauty, and strong artistic appeal and attraction; 3. Aesthetics suitable for the times.

Comprehensive Category

It combines words, paintings, photography, computer special effects and so on. It is the best way to bring visual aesthetics to human beings. Its function is to attract people’s attention, arouse the viewer’s psychological reaction, lead them to the pictures and texts, from the T-shirt pattern to achieve the desired fashion, personality and cultural connotation effect.

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