Introduction of absinthe

Vermouth is a highly alcoholic distilled wine with anise flavor. Its main raw materials are anise, anise and wormwood herbs (Artemisia absinthium). The liquor is green and turns opaque and milky when ice water is added. This is the well-known suspension state of absinthe. This wine is rich in aroma, light and slightly bitter taste, and contains more than 45 degrees of alcohol.

The four major producers of absinthe are Czech Republic, Spain, France and Switzerland. Czech is also a professional producer of absinthe. Traditional absinthe contains anise, but many people do not like the flavor of anise, so cater to the taste of the public, most of the Czech absinthe is very little anise.

Spanish absinthe is generally grass green, suspension effect is only a few more obvious, most of the suspension is not obvious and the price is low.

France, once the most prosperous country in the development of absinthe, generally brown absinthe, France in addition to good wine, but also a very good absinthe, Lemercier series has won the silver and bronze awards of the World Spirit Award. Of course, not all French vermouth is of high quality. Consumers should polish their eyes.

Switzerland is the origin of absinthe. After the absinthe is banned, it is usually produced in underground workshops. In order to hide people’s eyes, the absinthe in underground workshops in Switzerland is colorless, which can tell officials that it is not absinthe, but what other liquors. After 2013, most of the vermouth in Switzerland is colorless, and the blue bottle symbolizes the blue sky in Switzerland.

Anise is the most easily confused with absinthe in the Chinese market, because it contains one of the basic components of absinthe, which is easily mistaken for absinthe.

Another reason for translation, close to absinthe, the most confusing is vermouth, many people will translate into absinthe, in fact, its correct Chinese name is vermouth. The real absinthe is “Absinthe”, not L’Absinthe or D’Absinthe, etc. In order to imitate absinthe, many alcoholic drinks usually have names similar to “Absinthe”, such as L’Absinthe, D’Absinthe, absente and so on. In order to make people see “Absinthe” at a glance, the words “L’, D’Absinthe” are usually very small. Liquor is generally liqueur, and liqueur is also marked in the inconspicuous place of the label. Pure absinthe will not have such a label.

The above liquors are pre-meal liquors, appetizers, generally very cheap, and the real Absinthe absinthe is very expensive even in foreign countries, sells very little in China.

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