The Taboo of White Wine

White Wine

Wine is a natural, complex and easily appreciated drink. The adaptation principle of wine and dishes is that the style of wine and dishes should not overwhelm or conceal the other, and that wine and food should not fight noisily.

Avoid associating with seafood

Red wine with red meat conforms to the rules of cooking itself. Tannin in wine combines with protein in red meat, so that digestion begins almost immediately. Although fresh salmon, swordfish or tuna are rich in natural oils and can be well matched with lightweight red wines, when red wines are matched with certain seafood, such as Dover oil sole fillets, high levels of tannins can seriously damage the taste of seafood, and wine itself can even bring discomfort. Tired of metal taste.

White wine with white meat dishes or seafood is also a good general recommendation. Some white wines may be overwhelmed by beef or mutton, but they can be highly delicious when served with salmon, shrimp, lobster or roast chicken breasts.

Two taboos are accompanied by vinegar

Various salads usually do not affect the style of wine, but if mixed with vinegar, it will passivate the feeling of the mouth, make the wine lose vitality, the taste becomes dull and flat. Lemonade is a good choice because the citric acid in it can be in harmony with the quality of wine.

Cheese and wine are natural ideal combinations, just be careful not to match spicy cheese with lightweight wines, and vice versa.

Sanluo spicy food and wine are selected

Spicy or aromatic food wine may be difficult to match, but with spicy or fruity wine, you can find the right partner.

Chocolate sometimes has a negative effect on wine taste. Some people claim to be successful with old Cabernet Sauvignon wines. Banfa Bachette Aquila with chocolate, especially dark chocolate, is very effective and delightful. This Italian wine has a delicate and crisp fruit aroma. The right natural acidity is enough to balance the fragrance and sweetness of chocolate, while keeping your mouth comfortable, refreshing and clean.

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