Visor cap

Classification of visor cap

1. Wide eaves and empty caps

Material generally has plastic composition, with anti-ultraviolet, sunshade function. The utility model has the functions of a sun cap and sunglasses, and is suitable for outdoor cycling.

2. Short eaves and visor cap

Material is generally similar to baseball caps. This kind of empty cap has simple overall design, eye-catching details and creative ideas. There is also a special sweat-absorbing towel inside, generous and free, full of vitality.

Selection of Empty visor cap

1. According to body shape

For women with symmetrical body shape, there is more room for choosing solar caps; for short and plump women, light-colored and narrow-eaved solar caps should be chosen as far as possible; for women with short neck, narrow-eaved solar caps should be chosen. If they wear wide-eaved solar caps, they will have a sense of depression.

2. According to hairstyle

Long-haired women should wear suncaps with wide eaves around them, which can protect their hair from sunshine. Short-haired women should choose suncaps with wide eaves or narrow eaves.

3. According to age

Young people choose bright-coloured suncaps with enthusiasm and liveliness, while middle-aged people should highlight the characteristics of mature and stable age.

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